Implementation of widespread IC design skills
in advanced deep submicron technologies
at European Academia

The IDESA Support Action will develop and make available didactic training material  on the design flow for integrated circuits for advanced deep sub-micron technologies.


Action lines:

  • A road show of 4 different advanced implementation courses will tour different sites in Europe. Each of these courses will be repeated 7 times, to reach a significant proportion of the 600+ European academia. These courses will address the advanced implementation issues relating to the 90 nm node.
  • The consortium will build a portfolio of 32 public domain didactic seminars, addressing issues that are not addressed in the design flow courses but that will start to be of dominant importance for the 65 nm and 45 nm generation design flows.
  • This seminar portfolio will be supplemented with fully documented didactic lab exercise-material that can be reused free of intellectual property rights in the curricula of European engineering students.


Upcoming Events

Seminars - Call for proposals

IDESA will prepare DVD recordings of seminars on advanced topics covering issues related to 65 nm and 45 nm process design flow, for distribution to universities and polytechnic schools. The recorded DVD will therefor have a very high visibility in the academic engineering community.
These seminars will address master students in engineering curricula. Prerequisite knowledge for these seminars is a basic understanding of the standard 90 nm IC design flow. Experts from industry and academia are welcome to submit proposals (lecture titles, and lecturing experts). These proposals will be evaluated by the IDESA program board. IDESA will grant a modest allowance to the lecturing experts, on top of travel and subsistence costs. The seminars will be recorded in the IMEC auditorium.

Class exercises - Call for proposals

IDESA will prepare fully documented lab exercise material (student handouts, configuration files, teacher guidelines) that go with some of the seminars that will be recorded on DVD. If you are interested to provide a hand in the development of such exercises, please let us know.

Design Contest

You are invited to participat in the EUROPRACTICE Design Contest !!!