IDESA is a EC Framework 7 project, that has been identified as a support action to help universities to follow the fast pace of evolution of the IC design and implementation flows for deep submicron technologies.

The goal of the project is to develop and make available didactic material. The copyright status of the material will be such that European academia will be able to use this material in their official engineering curricula. Commercial use of the material will be prohibited.

The project will provide 4 advanced training courses, targeting professors, post-docs and PhDs involved in teaching in engineering master curricula at European universities and polytechnic schools. All handouts, lecturing notes and exercise material will be made available in electronic form, for reuse. The courses will cover analog, mixed RF and digital implementation flows. There will be a special module focusing upon design-for-manufacturability.

Course sessions will be planned, starting May 2008. Courses will be announced via the Europractice channels. Click here if you want to subscribe to the IDESA course mailing list.

A portfolio with lectures targeting engineering master students, recorded on DVD, will be made available for use on the intranet of European academia. These lectures will cover 65 nm and 45 nm issues, and will be provided by experts in the field, selected from industry and universities and research institutes, within or outside Europe. A program board will guarantee that these lecturers will be state-of-the-art, and at the same time, will be have a didactic approach to enhance learning for master students. Part of these lectures will have a hands-on exercise, to allow students to experiment and to better understand the issues.

Availability of recorded material will be announced on the IDESA website. Click here to subscribe to the IDESA seminar mailing list.